Passed Appetizers



Crostini of Brie, pear preserves, toasted almond
Flatbread of roasted mushrooms, chèvre, truffle oil
Roquefort and leek phyllo pockets
Wild mushroom and Gruyere phyllo pockets
Apricot, walnut, brie phyllo pockets
Smoked almond and parmesan stuffed dates
Kalamata, mozzarella, pearjolaise brochettes
Mai Tai grapes – Globe Grapes stuffed with blue cheese, pistachio nut
Blue cheese and apple stuffed mushrooms
Crispy rice paper wrapped asparagus
Vietnamese spring rolls with mango and Nuoc Cham dipping sauce

Meat and Seafood

Pan fried Pork Potstickers, classic dipping sauce
Carpaccio of Elk tenderloin* with truffle oil, parmesan curl and smoked sea salt
Bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos
Fresh Figs stuffed with Chevre, caramelized, wrapped in bacon
Sausage and sage stuffed mushrooms
Prosciutto and Manchego phyllo pockets
Teriyaki short rib, chicken or salmon skewers
Spicy tenderloin/sharp cheddar quesadillas, grilled pineapple salsa

Lemongrass shrimp cakes, chutney

Tuna Poke* on Gyoza crisp, wasabi tobiko, pickled ginger

Flatbread of BBQ chicken, caramelized onions, smoked mozzarella and cilantro

Plated Appetizers



Agave pork belly w monterey jack, grilled pineapple salsa 
Duck breast with Grand Marnier sauce, orange segments, almond vinaigrette, tempura celery
Fois Gras with maple/whiskey Challah, dried cherry sauce, butternut squash trees
Grilled quail with dried cherry sauce,  cucumber tower of mesclun greens


Seared sea scallops* with crab, fresh morels and beurre blanc
Dijon crusted Colorado trout w fuji apple, goat cheese and Arrugala
Shoestring wrapped shrimp, jicama/ pear,/cucumber slaw, citrus segments
Stuffed shrimp with blue crab, lemongrass-ginger nage
Grilled shrimp/artichoke salad, caviar, crème fraiche on fingerling purple potato
Warm crab salad Napolean, tower of Lolla Rossa, Frisee, with Opal basil cabernet vinaigrette
Tiger Shrimp ravioli with halibut tasting, saffron and persilade sauces
Lobster ravioli with carrot/ginger emulsion, wakame salad
Seared Toro* with plum wine glaze,
Ahi tuna tartare*  on rice crisp, Shiso leaf, wasabi tobiko, 
Crab ravioli, seared sea scallop with shallots and saffron
Ceviche* of mussel, shrimp with Sri Racha, avocado
Soft shell crab tempura, chutney


Shittaki Chopsticks, morels, artichoke and brandycream

Trio of stuffed mushrooms; truffled, Gruyere, Roquefort/apple
Tempura squash blossoms stuffed w mushroom, leeks, and Emanthaler swiss

Trio of summer tomatoes: Watercress/Stilton stuffed, Aoli/truffle salt, Burrata/Castelvetrano

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Thai lettuce wrap night – an assortment of meat fillings and accompaniments
Indian byaldis – vegetable tartlettes with herbs and olive oil, feta
Roast tomato and leek savory bread pudding, with fontina and parmesan
Barley risottos, lentils, chick peas and cauliflower currys
Butternut squash tart, with fried sage, parmesan, and jalepeno honey


Grilled Tenderloin, country rice (wild, cranberry, pecan, corn, mushroom ,asiago), spinach/shiitaki
Tenderloin au poivre with rosemary mashed potatoes, beets, carrots, squash coins
Seared Tenderloin, horseradish beets, asparagus w/ hollandaise, orange rice, peppercorn/brandy
Beef Wellington  with Roquefort crust, sweet chili corn, zuchini , brandy sauce
Tenderloin with bacon cheddar potatoes, asparagus, candied carrots
Prime Rib roast and pan jus, creamy potatoes, vegetables
NY strip steaks, chicken, Dauphine potatoes, vegetables
NY strip loin peppercorn brandy, Wahini brown rice with pecans, carrot, petit pains
NY strip w/ peppercorn sauce, cous-cous cake (egg, cream, parm, paprika, garlic, mushroom, wine,
chix stock) olath corn/fresh peas, grilled portabello, caramelized chutney peach
Colorado Angus Strip loin, artichoke and browned leek ragout,  parmesan popover with bok choy
Grill night; NY strips, chicken breast, sausages, jumbo shrimp, swordfish, assorted grilled vegetables
Irish lamb stew with garlic bread and parsnip puree
Lamb Osso bucco, parsnip puree, corn, carrots, beets. pasta w/ basil, tom, garlic
Rosemary rubbed Veal roast ( chops) , truffle risotto, beets, carrots, boursin spinach
Veal cutlets w/ new potatoes, demi, creamed artichokes, browned leeks, royal oyster, lions mane
Veal Scallopini, truffled Frangelica sauce, artichoke ragout
Rst stuffed pork loin with rst purple potatoes, mesquite onions, cured mushrooms, beets, carrots, apricot sauce
Gulumpki’s – stuffed cabbages with sausage/ rice mix, or grilled veg/ smoked gouda blend, demi-glaced
Apricot -glazed pork loin, with parmesan popover basket of vegetable hash
Apricot stuffed pork chops, sweet potato/coconut puree


Sea Bass: (choices/examples)

– napa cabbage and shiitaki mushrooms, chinese black rice
– with tempura King Crab, crisp-sweet lemon romaine salad, Parmesan Reggiano, white anchovy
– with lobster, saffron nage, asparagus, herbed whipped potato
– seared with mussel vermouth sauce, piped purple potatoes, organic spring carrots,  hericot vert and golden wax beans
– with blue crab, lemongrass shellfish sauce,  purple/white potatoes, baby vegetable

Dover sole/blue crab cake with saffron aioli, creamed mustard greens, baby beets, fingerling purples, stuffed blossoms
Cheese grits with shrimp, mush, garlic, parsley
Grilled King Salmon, saffron nage, whipped/ piped rosemary truffle rst potato. Asp/ purple cauliflower
Shrimp-stuffed/potato-wrapped salmon, lemon ginger sauce, stir fried sesame cabbage,
Salmon/ Sea Bass/ shrimp with coconut-lemongrass sauce, cous cous, snow peas

Southern Italian linguini clam sauce – shellfish or vegetarian – fresh tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, basil, garlic, in a rich olive oil and clam broth, fresh rustic bread to accompany

Game and Poultry

Chicken with chanterelles, artichokes, dauphinoise potatoes, boursin broccolini
Chicken Cordon Bleu, artichoke/mushroom ragout, baby zuchini
Seared duck breast, caramelized plum sauce, vegetable hash
Turkey Scallopini w/ spinach ricotta ( truffle oil, parm, f. sage) ravioli, Olathe corn/asp shoots, brown chix frangelica sauce
Turkey bratwurst pot pie, with root vegetables and supreme sauce


Cocoa buttermilk cake, caramel, sauce anglaise
Vanilla custard with fresh fruit, whip cream
Coffee pot au creme, Biscochos cookies, spicy-sweet pecans, cinnamon cream
Peach Sorbet with blackberry, mango, custard and whipped cream
Pear Cobbler w/ cheddar raisin crust
Baileys creme brulee, coconut fritters, toasted macadamia nut
Grand Marnier souffle, caramel, ice cream
Raspberries and blueberries with orange sauce, vanilla, peach, rasp swirl ice creams/sorbets
Papaya, Mango, pineapple, blueberries, creme anglaise and whip cream
Frozen yogurt with cherry Grand Marniere sauce
Mexican Chocolate tart with salted caramel and gingersnap crust, spicy pecans
Vanilla frozen yogurt w fresh oranges, Grand Marniere sauce
White chocolate mousse, berries, ginger snap cookie
Raspberry sorbet w/ fresh berries, peaches, w. cream
lemon-zuchini frosted cookies and coconut macaroons
lemon grass/crystallized ginger mousse tartlettes
Vanilla ice cream, fudge sauce, w. cream, candy rocks, pecans
White chocolate mousse, rum soaked golden raisins, toasted macadamia nut, caramelized banana
Almond Pithiviere Makers Mark bourbon caramel, whip cream
Almond Pithiviere white chocolate sauce, Fuji apple and blackberries
Banana’s Foster streudel with white chocolate sauce
Palisade peaches, Rainiers, berries with custard and clotted cream
Raspberry and lemon sorbets, peaches, berries with cream
Peach souffle with macerated peaches and blueberries, light cream
Warm buttermilk apple pie with streusel topping
Lemongrass mousse with berries, cherries and strawberries
Baked chocolate/walnut custard with cinnamon cream
Warm Palisade peach pie, vanilla ice cream
Caramelized apple tartlettes


Salad of Daikon radish sprouts, avocado, dice cucumber, apple, pear; pear vinaigrette
Tomato salad of yellow, cherry tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, Calamata, chive oil and xtra virgin oil
Toasted pinenut / chevre salad, dried pear, radish, tomato, pear vinaigrette
Caeser salad, garlic and Cambazola toasts, white anchovy
Pecan toasted chevre, rasp vinaigrette, ripe pear
Fried eggplant batons w/ oj segments, avocado, tomato, buff mozzarella, basil, blood oj vinaigrette
Grilled lobster, mango, jicama, avocado, grapes,  blood orange vinaigrette
Sunflower sprouts w/ nectarine, fresh figs, dried cherries, toasted almonds, mint,carrot julienne, toasted chevre, black fig vinaigrette
Watercress w/ yellow, orange, red tomatoes, orange basil vin, fried basil leaf garnish
Arrugala w/ seared sea bass, grapefruit, Roquefort, cherry toms, toasted almonds, lemon-honey
Arrugala, Roquefort, grapefruit/oj segments, honey dill vinagrette
Platter of avocado, onion, cucumber, tomato, Roquefort, olives, pepperoncinis
Arrugala/spinach with grapefruit, oj, Roquefort, shrimp,sherry grapefruit vinaigrette
Salad with Tiger Lily, ruby red grapefruit, Stilton, radish , honey dill vinaigrette
Arrugala/pea shoots, citrus, Roquefort, blood orange vinaigrette
Spinach salad with warm bacon vinaigrette, rstd shiitaki mushrooms, marinated onions
Pecan toasted cranberry chevre, caramelized Belgium endive, fresh pear, parsley/arrugala salad
Mache greens with caramelized endive, melted Manchego cheese figs, toasted pecans
Mache, avocado, and charred tomato with Cabernet/basil vinaigrette
Asian Papaya slaw
Arrugala/mesclun, fresh figs, avocado, chick pea fry, black fig vinaigrette



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*These menu items may be served raw, undercooked, or contain raw or undercooked items.
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. Written information regarding the safety of these items, is available upon request.