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General Information

Catering events are categorized by different types of service. Your private chef (and waitstaff, if necessary) arrives within 1-2 hrs prior to dinner to begin preparations. Table and seating is arranged; appetizers are presented and service is rendered in a timely fashion (typically 5:30 -9:30pm ).  

Buffet Style Service 

Stationary display of foods that often includes (3) pre-dinner passed appetizers, (2) proteins,  sides/vegetables, salad and dessert. Waitstaff is required for parties of 6 or more. Per person pricing is determined by guest count/menu choices.  

Family-style Service

 Platters of family style comfort foods are served on table for smaller groups to pass and share, waitstaff negotiable.  Best offered with casual, family style foods for groups of 8 or less. Service also includes pre- dinner appetizers, and dessert. .

Course Presentation Service

Pre-dinner appetizers, followed by a sit-down to plated course presentations of 4-5 courses (or more for tastings).  Waitstaff negotiable for parties of 5 or less. Guest count determines price per person. 


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