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Select entrée, side/salad, and dessert. 6 pp minimum order.

$60-70 pp entrees – includes side, salad, dessert (6pp minimum)
Chicken and broccoli penne Alfredo, crispy breadcrumbs
Shepherds Pie (ground beef, vegetables, whipped potato)
Classic lasagna with bulk sausage and red sauce
Classic homemade Eggplant parmesan
Penko crusted chicken cutlets and crispy mac and cheese

Chicken potpie casserole with veggies and savory sauce, pie crust top

Chicken Cordon Bleu (ham and swiss)
Chicken and spinach enchiladas with white sauce, oaxaca and cotija cheese

American chop suey (pasta bolognase w/ red sauce, peppers, onions, parmesan)
Orecchiette Alfredo with peas, mushrooms, onion, broccolini
Linguini w/Southern Italian clam sauce (XVO, tomatoes, garlic, basil, parmesan)
Penne and Italian sausage links in red sauce
Spaghetti and homemade meatballs (beef/pork) or sausages

Eggplant, chicken, or veal parmesan served with Caesar salad and garlic bread 

Beef, turkey, or chicken 2 alarm chili with various toppings, fresh tortilla chips

$60-70/pp entrees – includes side, salad, dessert (6pp minimum)
Grilled Vegetable white lasagna (portobello, zucchini, pepper, spinach)
Moussaka ( lamb shepherds pie with eggplant, potato, béchamel sauce)
Shrimp and broccoli alfredo, garlic bread
Boneless short rib steak and whipped potatoes, grilled asparagus
Rack of Colorado Lamb chops with au gratin potatoes
Grilled teriyaki salmon and coconut rice ( coconut milk, lemongrass, ginger
NY strip loin with wild mushrooms and whipped potatoes, Brandy peppercorn


Green salad with balsamic vinaigrette
Classic homemade Caesar salad
Spinach salad with maple vinaigrette
Arrugala salad with Asian pear and honey vinaigrette
Bibb salad with apple, walnuts, blue cheese and Dijon dressing
Super Greens Kale slaw with pepitas, dried cranberry and poppy seed dressing

Pickled tomatillo/honeydew salad, with pepitas and cilantro

Radish/jicama/Asian pear with citrus vinaigrette

Shrimp ceviche, red snapper ceviche

Caesar salad, with parmesan tuiles 

Kale and ricotta salata salad

Arrugala with curry honey yogurt dressing, mango and cucumbers


Croissant bread pudding with brandied plums and caramel sauce
White chocolate mousse with blackberries and mango
Chocolate fudge walnut brownies, Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies
Dipping Fruits and custard, whipped cream
Cocoa buttermilk cake with white chocolate sauce and toasted almonds
Lemon zucchini frosted cookies and chocolate dipped coconut macaroons
Pear cobbler with cheddar raisin crust. Vanilla ice cream



10 veg soup

Asparagus soup

Black bean soup

Butternut apple bisque

Charred smokey tomato/fennel soup, romano cheese and prosciutto wrapped grissini

Chowders, seafood stews, bouillabaisse

Coconut lemongrass (Tom-Ga) with mussels, shrimp, or chicken

Curry veg soup

Forest wild mushroom soup, truffle oil

Minestrone soup

Mushroom barley soup

Pistou vegetable soup ( herb pesto addition)

Portugese kale and sausage stew

Roasted pepper/mussel bisque

Split pea soup

Velvet corn soup ( with mussels/shrimp/crab/lobster)

White bean and ham soup

Yellow tomato and chipotle soup


Moussaka lamb casserole ground lamb, eggplant and potatoes with bechamel
Scallopini turkey, chix, veal breaded pieces w/ fresh artichokes, mushrooms, and leeks
Seafood stuffed manicottis or jumbo shells mozzarella and saffron tomato sauce
Shepherds pie - classic recipe with ground meat, peas, corn, carrots and mashed potatoes
Shrimp, chicken or lobster Alfredo with broccolini, peas, pasta, crispy breadcrumbs
Shrimp, chorizo, chicken jambalaya with jasmine rice
Shrimp enchiladas with roasted poblanos and chipotle sauce
Stir-fry vegetables with pan fried noodles
Tuna noodle casserole
Turkey bratwurst casserole potpie-style


Please contact us for more menu items and
pricing information

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