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Blue cheese and leek phyllo pockets

Sausage and sage stuffed mushrooms

Pan-fried pork potstickers with dipping sauce

Lemongrass shrimp cakes

Crostini of Chevre with truffle honey

Prosciutto wrapped fresh figs with golden balsamic syrup

Dates stuffed with smoked almonds, Manchego, and prosciutto

Mandarins with ginger crème

Chevre and squash raviolis

Confit of duck and sweet potato raviolis

Baby Bliss Potatoes pan fried w rosemary and garlic butter

Pan-crisped Gorgonzola gnocchi pillows with peas, mushrooms and pancetta

Potato gnocchi with smoked salmon and porcini mushroom alfredo sauce

Red wine vinegar marinated mushrooms

Garlic shrimp with XVO

Artichoke petals with grilled shrimp, fresh artichoke heart, basil farce



Castelvetrano olives and cherry tomatoes in Bergamot XVO

Kalamata olive, pearjolaise tomato, Cignielini mozzarella skewers with fresh basil

Fried Marcona almonds with thyme, Manchego wedges

Hummus dip with grilled pita wedges

Oven dried tomatoes on crostini

Steamed mussels or clams in saffron broth

Fried Chick peas

Cucumber cups with gazpacho

Serrano ham with olives and oranges on crusty bread

Stuffed mussels ( tarragon, vermouth, garlic  breadcrumbs)

Clams “casino” ( bacon, garlic butter, breadcrumbs)

 Artichoke petals with chorizo and breadcrumbs

Chevre stuffed peppadews ( baby sweet/pickled peppers)

Croquettes of Serrano ham and Manchego

Grilled seafood salad

Spicy shrimps

Broccolini with anchovy. garlic and shallots

Crispy Prosciutto wrapped asparagus

Crispy prosciutto wrapped shrimp

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